Products - Eye Model

ISO view of pair of eye models mounted in a head model

The Distant Focus Eye Simulator is the only optically accurate electronic eye simulator designed to take the place of a human eye for HMD testing and experimentation. With a compact form-factor that enables mounting into a head model, the Eye Simulator is a versatile diagnostic tool. To closely match the optical system of the human eye, the entire system is water filled and also fully sealed to prevent contamination or leaks. Simple USB connectivity with Linux and Windows software support makes the system both simple and powerful to use.

Inspired by research done by the University of California at San Diego, the Eye Simulator is intended to accelerate the development of Head Mounted Display designs, opthamalogical research and instrument designs, microscope designs, and other viewed optical systems. It allows for fast and accurate characterization of system performance and documentation of experimental results. The Eye Model also excels in testing laser systems that may not be safely testable with a human eye in the early prototype stages.


  • 2560x1920 Color sensor
  • Manual focus adjustment from 6 inches to infinity.
  • Eye's optical system closely matches performance of a real human eye.
  • Realistic retina enabled by curved focal plane
  • Fully liquid immersed.
  • Multiple aperture sizes available.
  • USB connectivity.

The DFC eye simulator is under active development and improvements to the hardware and software are in-progress. Limited numbers of units are available now as engineering samples and development systems. Please Contact Us for information on pricing and lead times.

Instruction Videos

Video showing use of the Eye Simulator

Example of using the MDOSim software with the Eye Simulator