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ImageKitchen is a software package that was originally developed for the Windows operating system, but is now ported to Linux as well. ImageKitchen automates the acquisition, processing, and presentation of image data. Its modular design allows hardware to be interfaced easily, and controlled via a built-in scripting language. Built in image processing primitives of the scripting language allow powerful manipulation of images. One, two, and three-dimensional display capability allows immediate visualization and interaction with the processed image information. The ImageKitchen environment and scripts interact to provide rapid prototyping of experiments and presentation environments.

ImageKitchen was being developed by the Photonic Systems Group at the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to facilitate our development of novel imaging systems. The principal developers were Ronald Stack and Daniel Marks under the direction of Professor David Brady. Currently ImageKitchen is not actively being developed but we are hoping enough interest will be generated so this will change. Distant Focus has volunteered to provide this temporary site until a time when the project is picked up again.



This program is available under the GNU Public License, a license that makes it freely available for download and distribution.

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