Distant Focus has developed spin-off products through our sponsored work with DARPA and other agencies. These products push the envelope of optics and electronics technology.

Opto-Electronic Eye Simulator

The Distant Focus Eye Simulator is the only optically accurate electronic eye simulator designed to take the place of a human eye for HMD testing and experimentation. It features a compact form-factor that enables mounting into a head model making the Eye Simulator is a versatile diagnostic tool. To closely match the optical system of the human eye, the entire system is water filled and fully sealed to prevent contamination or leaks. Simple USB connectivity via Linux and Windows software makes the system both simple and powerful to use.

High Resolution, High Frame Rate, Wide Field of View Monocentric Optic Camera

Designed for DARPA's SCENICC program, our 120° FOV monocentric camera systems achieve unprecendented 25 MP resolution and 54 FPS in a tiny package. The monocentric lens and curved focal plane result in excellent image quality with high-resolution, low-distortion, and excellent light-collection.

High Resolution Panoramic Camera

Also derived from the DARPA SCENICC program, the Distant Focus Panoramic Imager uses the preceding camera's optics and sensor technology repackaged into a compact optical head composed of five sensors. The result is a 54FPS, high-resolution 125MP panoramic imaging with a full 360° x 270° panorama collected from as close as 0.5 meters.

Multi-Camera Controller Modules

Distant Focus developed the Multi-Camera Controller Module (MCCM) to acquire simultaneous image capture from the 384 14MP sensors used in the AWARE camera systems. These compact controllers can handle 32 sensor inputs each and can stream data at a staggering 64 GBps over 8 fiber-optic outputs.