Products - 25MP, 120° FOV, 54 FPS Monocentric Camera

Front render with color-filtering protective dome

Designed for DARPA’s SCENICC program, the Distant Focus monocentric camera systems achieve unprecendented optical resolution in a tiny package. The monocentric lens and curved focal plane result in excellent image quality with high-resolution, low- distortion, and excellent light-collection.

The monocentric lens is ideal for wide field-of-view applications. Traditional lens systems suffer from significant distortion and loss of resolution with increased FOV and also tend to increase in size and complexity. The monocentric lens design used in this camera solves these problems. It is available in three different F-numbers: F1.7, F2.5, and F4.0.

To connect to the camera via its PCIE interface, either use a dev-kit computer available from DFC or a custom interface can be developed using the DFC software API. The interface allows a computer to see the camera as a PCIE peripheral and enables impressive data-transfer rates from the sensor.

More information on the design and construction can be found on the pages covering the SCENICC Project.


  • Color or monochrome 25MP sensor with 4.5μm pixels.
  • Dynamic range: 10-bits
  • Frame rate: 54 FPS
  • Arria V FPGA supports real time image processing.
  • PCIe interface supports full resolution and frame rate.
  • Power 14W
  • Size 58.5 x 67.5 x 83mm
  • Weight 0.5kg
  • FOV: 96⁰ horizontal and vertical (126 diagonal)

The DFC monocentric camera is under active development and improvements to the hardware and software are in-progress. Limited numbers of units are available now as engineering samples and development systems. Please Contact Us for information on pricing and lead times.