Products - 125MP Panoramic Camera

Render of panoramic camera

Also derived from the DARPA SCENICC program, the Distant Focus Panoramic Imager uses the same lens and sensor technology and repackages it into a compact optical head of five sensors that allows high-resolution panoramic imaging with a full panorama collected as close as 0.5 meters from the central axis. This optical head is connected to a controller module that can be up to 50 feet away. The controller electronics and computers provide a web-based interface that allows a user to configure and control the camera system. The servers also provide storage space for the video data and processing power for turning the raw frames into color-corrected and stitched video.

The Panoramic Camera provides unparalled situational awareness for fixed installation applications, and has also been used as a mobile camera platform to take videos while on the move. Due to its small size and high resolution, this system enables capturing high-resoultion panoramic videos close to the action in a way that has never-before been possible.

More information on the design and construction, as well as example images and videos, can be found on the pages covering the SCENICC Project.


  • Color or monochrome 25MP sensor with 4.5μm pixels.
  • Dynamic range: 10-bits
  • Frame rate: 54 FPS
  • Arria V FPGA supports real time image processing.
  • PCIe interface supports full resolution and frame rate.
  • Camera head power: 35W
  • Camera head size: 133x133x112
  • Camera head weight: 1.75kg
  • FOV: 360⁰ horizontal, 280 ⁰ vertical

The DFC Panoramic Camera is under active development and improvements to the hardware and software are in-progress. Limited numbers of units are available now as engineering samples and development systems. Please Contact Us for information on pricing and lead times.