Services - Software Development


The creation of software is usually one of the most under-appreciated and least planned for tasks in a project and yet, in the end, it tends to be one of the most crucial elements to the successful operation of the system. Nearly every project we have been involved with has had a significant software component. Our software has spanned the spectrum from low-level VHDL for FPGAs to embedded firmware on a micro-controller to C++ for capturing and processing camera images to Java user interfaces. We are competent in assembly (8051, 80x86, 68000), C, C++, Java, and a variety of scripting languages such as Python. We have projects running on both Windows and Linux and are equally competent under both. Typically our software projects have been integrated with a hardware project, but we are certainly willing to work on a software only project. Please contact us with your requirements and we would be happy to put a quote together.

Software Tools

  • Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010 - (C/C++) on Windows
  • gcc - (C/C++) on Linux
  • Keil Embedded Development Tools
  • Altera Eclipse embedded tools for Nios II processor
  • Quartus FPGA authoring tools (including VIP and Ethernet cores)
  • Altera ModelSim simulation suite
  • Beagle USB / I2C bus capture and analysis tool for driver development